comic art by Nazario

Nazario Luque Vera is considered the father of the Spanish underground comic, and a pioneer in gay comics. He studied Philosophy and Literature in Sevilla, and then he started playing flamenco guitar with Diego del Gastor and a group of Californian hippies. He started drawing cartoons inspired by MAD magazine. In 1971, he set up the El Rrollo collective in Barcelona with artists like Farry, Mariscal and Pepichek. The group published underground comix ('El Rollo Enmascarado', 'Paupérrimus', 'Catalina', 'Purita', 'Nasti de Plasti', etc.), which led to problems with the censors and the Francoist police, after which Nazario returned to Sevilla. Nazario was groundbreaking in the European underground, with his stories that ridiculed the fundamental Spanish moral sexual values. He also created the first gay-themed comic story, 'La Visita', in 1975. A first book collection of his work was published under the title 'San Nazario y las Pirañas incorruptas'.

He subsequently published in several European underground and alternative magazines, such as Star, Rock Comic, Bazaar, Makoki, It, Actuel, Oz, Frigidaire, Gai Pied, and L'Echo des Savanes. He was especially one of the original contributors to El Víbora from 1980. He drew the first cover, and contributed many cartoons and stories of an openly homosexual or pornographic nature, including the series about half-transvestite detective 'Anarcoma'. The latter was published throughout Europe, and in a censored-form in the US and Canada. It also inspired a song by Marc Almond. Later notable comics by Nazario include an adaptation of the Oscar Wilde play 'Salomé', 'Amantes' and 'Helena', that were collected in the book 'Mujeres Raras'.

His final comic book work was 'Alí Babá y los 40 maricones' in magazine Makoki. He has devoted himself to painting, his work being fantastically well-received by critics and public alike. He has also done posters and book covers (including being pirated by RCA for a Lou Reed record cover).

comic art by Nazario

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