comic from Eerie, by Paul Neary (1973)

Paul Neary is a British comic book artist, who started out working on horror stories for Warren Publishing's Eerie magazine in the 1970s. He then worked with editor Dez Skinn for Marvel UK as well as 2000 AD. For 2000 AD he illustrated episodes with 'Future Shocks', and for Marvel UK, he illustrated 'Hulk' and 'Nick Fury'. In the early 1980s, he created 'Madman' for Dez Skinn's Warrior and subsequently became Alan Davis' inker on DC Comics like 'Batman' for Detective Comics. Neary was editor-in-chief of Marvel UK during the 1990s, and helped launch titles like Death's Head II, Hell's Angel (later Dark Angel), Warheads, Digitek and Motormouth. Since then, Neary has been mainly active as an inker, among others for Bryan Hitch on 'The Authority' and 'The Ultimates'.

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