from Fillette, by E. Nicholson

E. Nicolson was an early French artist, who made his debut in Le Pêle-Mêle in 1898. He subsequently drew for Nos Caricatures, Le Charivari, American Illustré, Polichinelle, L'Épatant, La Vie de Garnison, Lili, L'Intrépide, La Croix d'Honneur and Le Petit Illustré. He drew for Fillette from its first issue in 1909. He illustrated short jokes and did colored back pages. Later on, he drew series like 'Les Aventures du Chien Brownie', written by Jean d'Agraives (1926-27) and based on the Universal film series 'Brownie the Wonder Dog', about a heroic dog.

from Fillette, by E. Nicholson

In La Croix d'Honneur, he made 'Bambochard et Trémolo à la Guerre', and for Cri-Cri, he drew 'Bambochard et Trémolo innocent Roi des Signes'. Together with Marcel Arnac and Louis Forton, he was one of the main contributors to L'Épatant, drawing many front pages, as well as 'Le Tour du Monde des Duex Mathurins', 'Les Aventures d'un Gagnant du Gros Lot', 'Les Aventures Mirobolantes de Claudius et Tétonbec capitaines' and 'Les Mille et un Tours de Dumochart et Clédesol'. At the end of his career, he was head of the artists group of La Société Parisienne d'Edition (S.P.E.). Nicolson presumably passed away in 1939.

A story for Lili, by E. Nicolson (1920)

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