Pommy en Stommy, by Hans Nije
Pommy en Stommy

Hans Nije is a Dutch artist who published most of his comics in the 1940s. His work was drawn in the typical Dutch journal comic tradition, meaning an adventurous story-line combined with gags, with the text underneath the pictures, primitively drawn in black and white.

Tim Tuimel, by Hans Nije
Tim Tuimel, signed Hans Nije

Tim Tuimel, by Hans Nije
Tim Tuimel, signed Donald

The adventures of 'Pommy and Stommy' (three albums) appeared in 1945. Nije worked through the Stripfilm studios of Piet van Elk, alongside artists like Henk Albers, Willy Kuyper and Francis Paid. Nije drew the gag strip 'Lodewijk' and in 1946 he created 'Tim Tuimel', which he sometimes signed with Donald. In 1949, he provided artwork for the 'Tom Poes' weekly comic 'Heer Bommel en de Hollebosserknol' in cooperation with Waling Dijkstra

Tom Poes, by Hans Nije (1949)
Heer Bommel en de Hollebosserknol

Tim Tuimel, by Hans Nije/Donald
Tim Tuimel

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