Haukepatruljens by Jens Nilssen

Jens R. Nilssen was a pioneer in Norwegian comics. Born in Valberg, he attended the Kunst- og håndverksskolen in Oslo, before studying painting from Peter Severin Krøyer in Copenhagen (1905-1907). Nilssen drew for satirical magazines like Hvepsen, Humoristen and Karikaturen, and was a contributor to Norks Barneblad from 1906 (creating 'Juletre').

Smorbukk, by Jens R. Nilssen

Also for this magazine, he created the famous 'Smørbukk' character in 1938, together with writer Andreas Haavoll. Haavoll was replaced by Øyvind Dybvad after only a couple of episodes.

Haukepatruljens by Jens Nilssen

Other series created by Nilssen were 'Haukepatruljens' (Ukemagasinet, 1930-1959), 'Vangsgutane' (Nynorsk Vekeblad, 1940-1957) and 'Tuss og Troll' (Norsk Barneblad, 1944). He retired in the late 1950s, handing over his characters 'Smørbukk' and 'Tuss og Troll' to Solveig Muren Sanden.

Smörbukk, by Jens R. Nilssen

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