Gums, by Robert Nixon

Robert T. Nixon broke off his education at the Middlesbrough Art College after the death of his father. He found employment at the art department of a printing factory and around 1963, he started drawing for the comic books of D.C. Thomson, such as Beano. After drawing 'Little Blum', he inherited 'Lord Snooty', producing quite a good imitation of Dudley D. Watkins' original work. Other features he was assigned to were 'Roger the Dodger' and 'Grandpa'. In 1972, he drew a revival of 'Grandpa', which again benefited from his cute touches. In the late 1960s, he turned freelance and drew 'Esky Mo' and 'Captain Cutler' for Sparky.

Fun Fear, by Robert Nixon

In 1973, he left to work for IPC Magazines, becoming their most prolific artist during the next decade. Robert Nixon's creations had a familiar rounded, cuter edge. He was a regular in Shiver & Shake, Whoopee!, Whizzer & Chips and Jackpot, drawing features like 'Ivor Lott and Tony Broke', 'Lolly Pop', 'King Arthur and his Frights of the Round Table' and 'Elephant on the Run'.

Frankie Stein (1976)

He produced funny versions of horror characters for Monster Fun, such as 'Frankie Stein' (previously drawn by Ken Reid), 'Kid Kong', 'Gums' and many others. He also created covers for the Monster Fun Annuals. In the mid-1980s, he returned to D.C. Thomson and went to work for Dandy, Beano, Topper and Beezer. In 1986, Nixon created the infant terrible 'Ivy the Terrible', and his other 1980s and 1990s credits include 'Korky the Cat', 'Lord Snooty' and 'Beryl the Peril'.

Kid Kong, by Robert Nixon

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