Egbert Elephant, by Dan Noonan

Dan Noonan began his career in the animation departments of Terrytoons and the Disney Studios in the 1930s. He was a staff artist at Western Publishing from the early 1940s to 1951. He drew for such Dell/Western titles as Animal Comics, Our Gang, Fairytale Parade and Raggedy Ann + Andy, and also assisted Walt Kelly on 'Pogo'. In 1969 he was art director of Wham-O Comics, doing lay-outs for 'Wooden Sword' and 'Young Eagles'.

From the 1950s throughout the 1970s he was mainly active in animation however, working as a lay-out artist for subsequently Hanna-Barbera ('Yogi Bear', 'The Flintstones'), Cambria Productions ('Clutch Cargo', 'Space Angel', 'The New Three Stooges'), Filmation Associates ('Superboy', 'Batman', 'Oliver Twist', etc.) and then Hanna-Barbera again ('Harlem Globetrotters', 'C.B. Bears', etc.) until around 1980.

Egbert Elephant, by Dan Noonan

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