Lady Luck, by Klaus Nordling
Lady Luck

Klaus Nordling was a staff artist at the Eisner-Iger studios. Born Klaus Fjalar Nordling in Pori, Finland, the Nordling family moved to the USA in 1912.

Baron Munchausen by Klaus Nordling
Baron Munchausen

Nordling began his career as a gag cartoonist and caricaturist for Americana Magazine in the early 1930s, and then produced the weekly comic 'Baron Munchausen' for Van Tine Features Syndicate in the mid-1930s (signed Fred Nordley).

The Barker, by Klaus Nordling
The Barker

He started out at Eisner-Iger in 1939 with contributions to features like 'Spark Stevens' and 'Lt. Drake'. In 1940, he created 'The Thin Man' for Mystic Comics. He also drew 'The Spirit' in the Sunday Comic Book section. In 1942 he took over the art and the writing of 'Lady Luck' from Nick Cardy. Under Nordling, this series was on its peak. Nordling also did a lot of work on 'The Barker' in National Comics and its own title.

Lady Luck, by Klaus Nordling
Lady Luck

When Eisner returned from the war, Nordling assisted him on pencils for 'The Spirit'. Nordling stayed with Eisner's American Visual Corporation after 'The Spirit' ended in 1952 until the 1970s. In the 1950s he was also noted for his theater work as an actor and director in Connecticut. He passed away in Ridgefield, Connecticut in 1986.

Joe and Jennifer, by Klaus Nordling

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