Laban, by Frank Odoi

Frank Odoi is one of Africa's leading comics artists. He was born in Ghana, but moved to Nairobi in the late 1970s. His work is published in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Tanzania. Odoi has illustrated several public education comics for various development agencies. However, his most famous work is the 'Golgoti' series, that appeared in newspapers in Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda. The comic is about a white man who comes to Africa, but told from the black man's perspective. Book versions of 'Golgoti' have appeared in Finland and England. Other comics by Odoi are 'Laban' about a Samburu warrior involved with HIV and 'Faith', about a young girl who emigrates to town. Odoi's album, 'Akokhan', was published in the autumn of 2007.

The Evil Stepmother, by Frank Odoi

Golgoti, by Frank Odoi

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