Petit Cube, by Fausto Oneta

Fausto Oneta was the brother of Franco Oneta, the author of the 'Zembla' series. He worked mainly for Lug publishers, where he illustrated the western 'Akewa' (1984) and the science fiction stories 'Petit Cube' (1987-88) and 'Quanter', about a young scientist confronted with extraordinary threats. He also assisted his brother from time to time on 'Zembla' from 1963. Other serials drawn by Fausto Oneta include 'Wingo Scout' (in Zembla, 1979), 'Yatan' (in Spécial Rodéo, 1981) and 'Man' (in Spécial Rodéo, 1984-85). Fausto Oneta passed away on 9 December 2009.

Quanter, by Fausto Oneta

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