Snorky, by Franco Oneta

Franco Oneta was born in Casalbuttano and began in the comic field in 1949, at the age of 14. His first work was drawing the character 'Trottolo' for the publisher Giurleo, that later became 'Trottolino' when published by Bianconi. He cooperated with Messaggero dei Ragazzi between 1958 and 1964, illustrating series like 'Spiritello', 'Anacleto', 'Pallino', 'Giuggola e Lenticchia' and 'Robin Poot'. During that same period, Oneta drew 'Capitani Coraggiosi' and 'I Ragazzi della Via Pàl' for the magazine Madre.

Frank Universal, by Franco Oneta

In the early 1960s, he began a cooperation with the French publisher Lug, providing artwork for a great many series, including 'Petit Scout', 'Galaor', 'Zurm', and 'Mustang'. His most notable work for this publisher is the series 'Zembla', of which he has illustrated over 200 episodes. He also made a comic adaptation of the animation series 'Oum le Dauphin Blanc' for Lug. His brother Fausto Oneta has cooperated on several of these serials.

Starting in 1978, Oneta collaborates with Il Giornalino, for which he has drawn the adventure series 'Class Airport' and comic adaptations of 'Sherlock Holmes' and 'Snorky'. For several years, he has drawn 'Diario G', as well as advertising comics like 'Robotix' for MB, which were also published in Il Giornalino.

Cover for Il Giornalino, by Franco Oneta (1986)Cover for Il Giornalino, by Franco Oneta (1986)

From the mid-1970s, Oneta has participated in several (inter)national exhibitions. He has cooperated on the television show 'Natura con Rabbio e con Amore' for RAI in 1985. He continued to work of Il Giornalino, making a comic adaptation of the film 'The Pagemaster' and illustrating stories with 'Yoghi Bear', 'Pronipoti', 'Gli Antenati' and 'Scooby-Doo'. For Piemme in Verona, he conceived the character 'Olivo lo Sportivo', whose adventures were published in La Settimana Enigmistica and Il Piccolo Missionario (2002).

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