Versos y Noticias de César Bruto, by Oski

Oski (Oscar Conti) was born in Buenos Aires in 1914. There, he studied fine arts, before he became a poster designer and the assistant of caricaturist Papele. He additionally produced comical drawings for the magazine Cascabel, and joined Divito in the launch of Rico Tipo. He teamed up with humorist Carlos Warnes, who signed César Bruto, and produced several 'Versos y Noticias de César Bruto', parodies on literature classics. In 1950, Oski made the historical comics 'La Primera Fundación de Buenos Aires' and 'Vera Historia de Indias'. Oski often used themes as oppression by Latin American dictators, Indian life, inventions and world literature in his work. One of his most famous works is 'Amarrotto', that appeared in Rico Tipo magazine.

comic art by Oski

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