Robin l'Invincible, by André Oulié

Born in Béziers in the south of France, André Oulié began his career shortly after the Second World War, drawing for the Collection Ciné-Images with scripts by Jean Arbuleau at Editions Sagedi. He worked for the magazine Petit Journal in 1947, drawing the adventures of his famous hero 'Robin L'Intrépide' until 1954. He was also the first Frenchman to draw 'Zorro', which he did between 1947 and 1967.

Zorro by Andre Oulie

After the disappearance of Petit Journal, both series were continued in the magazines L'Invincible and Zorro l'Invincible. When 'Zorro' was continued by Jean Pape in 1968, Oulié commenced working on a comics version of the TV series 'La Maison de Toutou' until 1975. In addition, Oulié worked as an animator on 'Astres et Désastres' in 1945. His son Guy Oulié drew the comic strip 'Texas Bill' in 1945-46.

Zorro, by André Oulié

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