Småkryp, by Bjørn Ousland

Bjørn Ousland has been working in comics since 1985. Educated at the Joe Kubert School of Comics and Graphics Art in New Jersey, Ousland is the author of several alternative and newspaper comics. Among his early creations are 'Snack-Man'. He is best known for the trilogy 'Solruns Saga', which appeared from 1988 to 1993. This series, with text by Eirik Ildahl, counts as a classic in historical Norwegian comics.

Snack-Man, by Bjørn Ousland

In the 1990s, Ousland created 'Siggen og Piggen' and the newspaper comics 'Ulla og Ullrik' and 'Småkryp'. From the late 1990s, he has been adapting old Norwegian folktales in the graphic novels 'Mumle Gåsegg' and 'Soria Moria Slott'. He has also created the urban and adult story 'Amfibius Rex' in 2000. Ousland works for Jippi, a Norwegian company for alternative comics, and his work appears in their anthology Forresten.

Solruns Saga, by Bjørn Ousland
'Solruns Saga'. 

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