Superboy, by George Papp

George Papp was one of the earliest DC artists. He started out doing fillers and cartoons in the early 'Superman' issues. His first regular feature was 'Pep Morgan' for Action Comics, follwed by 'Congo Bill' and 'Clip Carson'. Papp eventually became known as the creator of the 'Green Arrow'. 'The Green Arrow' made its first appearance in the November 1941 issue of More Fun Comics. For several years, Papp was the main artist on this modern day Robin Hood. When the USA entered World War II, Papp dropped his comic book activities and joined the American army. After the War, he returned on the 'Green Arrow' feature for several years. He took over the 'Superboy' feature from John Sikela in 1958, which he continued drawing until 1967.

Green Arrow, by George Papp

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