Superboy by John Sikela
Superboy #65 (June 1958)

John Sikela, born in Slovakia, was, along with Wayne Boring, the most important and long lasting ghost artists on Joe Shuster's 'Superman' comic. He joined the studios in 1940, where he worked close with Joe Shuster, doing pencilling and inking work. His solo work featured dynamic panels with big aerial views. Later on, he was one of the main artists on the spin-off 'Superboy' series (1946-60). Sikela was additionally the artist for Siegel and Shuster's 'Funnyman' comic strip. Sikela fought in the Battle of the Bulge while in the Army during World War II, after which he settled in Avon, Ohio.

Krypto the Superdog by John Sikela
Krypto the Superdog (Superboy #51)

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