Tom Potter by Mark and Tom Payot

Marc Payot was born in Antwerp, and he also attended the Academy of this Flemish city. He was one of the early artists working for the magazine Kleine Zondagsvriend, drawing the comic strip 'Tom Potter van de Geheime Dokken-politie' in cooperation with his brother Tom under the joint pen name Pam in 1945 and 1946.

In 1961 comedian Jef Cassiers made a series of slapstick shorts which were broadcast on BRT 1 (nowadays Eén), the main channel of the Flemish public TV network. They starred a comedic character, simply named 'Het Manneke' ('The Little Man'), performed by Cassiers himself. The same year a newspaper comic adaptation ran in Het Laatste Nieuws and the magazine Kwik. Pil was the original artist behind the series, while Cassiers wrote the gags. From 1962 on Payot and Paul Ausloos took 'Het Manneke' over.

Payot formed the literary cabaret De Koperen Haan. He was furthermore a set designer for the Belgian broadcasting company BRT, Nederlands Kamertoneel and K.V.S. In the 1970s he was head of publicity with a savings bank, while he continued to produce publications for the Antwerp city council.

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