Meneerke Peeters, by Pil (Joë Meulepas)

Joë Meulepas (Pil) was a comic artist and cartoonist, as well as a journalist and art critic. He was born in London as the son of Belgian parents, but spent most of his life in Brussels. He already drew for several student magazines before World War II, and designed various posters. From 1952, he frequently participated in the Salon van de Vlaamse Humor from 1952. He worked as an illustrator for Het Davidsfonds in Leuven, Hernieuwen-Uitgaven, Levend Nederlands and in the 1960s mainly for F. van Belle in Brussels. His first satirical cartoon appeared in De Standaard in April 1947. At the same time, he produced several untitled stop-comics for Ons Volk, among others for the Breugel-Brevier section and the 'Lotgevallen van Dries' comic.

Meneerke Peeters gag 5000

He began his satirical column 'Met Pijl en Pen door de Week' in newspaper Het Nieuwsblad that same year. He was present in magazine De Vlaamse Linie from the first issue in 1948. There, he drew caricatures of famous Flemish people, as well as a comic about the vulgar life of 'Doreke Das' and an untitled stop-comic featuring a shadow figure. In the 1950s, Pil was a regular contributor to magazine De Volksmacht, doing cartoons but also comics ('Kapitein Fok' and the satirical 'Avonturen van de Wonderjager, door Kapitein Zeldenthuis'). He created his most famous character, 'Meneerke Peeters', as a silent stop-comic in newspaper De Standaard. Pil drew 7008 newspaper strips with the character from 7 January 1957 to 1 October 1983. In 1961, he also made comic strip version of the Flemish TV show 'Het Manneken', in cooperation with the series' creator Jef Cassiers. Pil died after a long illness in 2007.

Meneerke Peeters, by Pil

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