Can is the pen name of an unknown Belgian cartoonist, who created the short-lived adventures of 'Dikke Fik en zijn Fien' (1949) in Ons Volkske magazine, a weekly Flemish comic magazine published by N.V. De Gids.

Dikke Fik en zijn Fien
Fully titled 'De Bonte, Beminnelijke en Ook Andere Belevenissen van Dikke Fik en zijn Fien' ("The Colorful, Lovable as well as Other Experiences of Fat Fik and his Fien"), the strip appeared on two half pages at the bottom of the 'In 't Hoekje van Plaisantie van bij Pil, Can en Compagnie' spread, a section with jokes, gag cartoons by Pil and Can's comic strip. Starting on 23 January 1949, 'Dikke Fik' filled a spot previously occupied by Willy Vandersteen. Can's strip presented the pantomime endeavours of a clumsy couple, but ran for only a couple of weeks. On 13 March 1949, it was replaced by 'Killeke Pik op Avontuur Tussen Hemel en Aarde', a serial by Lus Kandeleer.

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