'Killeke Pik tussen hemel en aarde' (Ons Volkske, 1949).

Lus Kandeleer was a mid-20th century Belgian cartoonist, who in 1949 worked for Ons Volkske magazine. He made a serialized children's adventure comic titled 'Killeke Pik' (1949). 

Killeke Pik
His appearance in Ons Volkske - a weekly Flemish comic magazine published by N.V. De Gids - is the only known comic work by Kandeleer. Replacing the gag strip 'Dikke Fik en zijn Fien' by Can, Kandeleer's 'Killeke Pik op Avontuur tussen Hemel en Aarde' ("Killeke Pik's Adventure between Heaven and Earth") commenced publication on 13 March 1949, and ran for several months. The strip appeared on two half pages at the bottom of a spread containing jokes, gag cartoons by Pil and Kandeleer's comic strip. The serial presented the awkward adventures of Killeke Pik, a cheerful wanderer who is granted a wish after saving a giant from an agelong spell. Wishing the capability to fly, Killeke spends the following weeks traveling between heaven and earth. During his adventures, he encounters angels, a giant owl, cloud makers and other mythical creatures.

Mysterious creator
After creating his imaginative comic serial, Lus Kandeleer's name disappeared from the pages of Ons Volkske, just like his predecessor - the equally mysterious Can - did. It is unknown if the artist has done any additional illustration work, or if his name was perhaps a pseudonym. Misinterpretation of the artist's name seems unlikely. Besides his signature in the final panel of each 'Killeke Pik' installment, his full name appeared in typeset in the title of the joke spread, 'In 't Hoekje van Plaisantie bij Pil, Lus Kandeleer en Compagnie' ("In the Fun Corner with Pil, Lus Kandeleer and Company").

'Killeke Pik tussen hemel en aarde' (Ons Volkske, 1949).

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