'Cads of Cosnem's College' (Coloured Slick Fun #83, 30 September 1950)

Harry E. Pease was a mid-20th century British comic artist, who often signed his work with his initials "HEP".

Early life and career
Harold Ernest Pease was born in Shoreditch, London in 1908 as the son of a bicycle maker and salesman. His older brother Albert T. Pease was already a succesful cartoonist in the 1930s when Harry followed in his footsteps and joined the same publishing company, the Amalgamated Press. He debuted in 1938 with 'Curly Pimple', published in Comic Cuts, and drew 'Professor Jolly and his Magic Brolly' (1940) for Illustrated Chips. His career was interrupted during World War II, when he joined the military.

'Professor Jolly and his Magic Brolly' (Chips, December 1942)

Post-World War II comics
After the war he continued publishing comics and illustrations in the same magazines as his more well known brother. In the period 1946-1949, these were however mostly published by smaller publishers, as the Amalgamated Press was suffering from paper shortages. He appeared in several short-lived and one-shot comic books by Martin & Reid, such as Jolly Fun, Jolly Western, World Fun, Comic Fun and Squibs Fun, as well as John Matthews, including Merry Maker and Squibs Tuppeny. He did his final comic book work for Gerald Swan in the early 1950s, drawing humor features like 'Cads of Cosnem's College' and 'Tich the Tiny Tec' in Coloured Slick Fun and Comic Colour. By the early 1950s most of these smaller publishers went out of business, and H.E. Pease disappeared from British comic books. He passed away in Chelmsford, Essex, in 1982.

Tich the Tiny Tec (Coloured Slick Fun #72, 13 May 1950)

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