Plum and Duff by Charlie Pease
Plum and Duff (Comic Cuts, 30-10-1937)

Albert T. Pease, also known as Charlie Pease (his nickname came from the Victorian villain), was an artist who was a major contributor to the comics of the Amalgamated Press from 1925 until his death in 1964. His first work appeared in Butterfly and, later, Comic Cuts and Chips. Pease's art continued to appear in Chips until 1953 with classic sets such as 'Ivor Klue' and 'Laurie and Trailer' and the hugely successful 'Casey Court', a large single cartoon which he drew for many years.

Tommy Cooper by Charlie Pease
Tommy Cooper (1/6/1957)

He had a long association with Comic Cuts too, drawing sets such as 'Plum and Duff'. In the 1940s and 1950s he drew "personality" sets for Radio Fun (e.g. 'Cardew Robinson') and Film Fun (e.g. 'Tommy Cooper'). He also drew installments of the 'Billy Bunter' comic for Knockout and Valiant in the early 1960s. Charlie Pease was one of the great names of British comics. His superb, slapstick free style, complete with his characteristic lettering, graced all the comics he drew for during his near forty year comics' career.

Sammy and Shrimp, by Charlie Pease 1944
Sammy and Shrimp (1944)

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