Horario de Oficina by Ricardo Peregrina
Horario de Oficina (El Jueves 1867, March 2013)

Ricardo Peregrina is a Spanish comic artist and cartoonist from Olesa de Montserrat. While studying Communication at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona during the 1990s, he published his first work in fanzines like Amaniaco, Mala Impresión and La Comictiva. Among his early series were 'Hermi y Max' and 'Norbertito y su Mamá'. He also formed the art collective Los Muñecos de Fimosis with Jali and Valentín Ponsa.

Between 1999 and 2010 he worked as an infographics artist with the videogame company Ubisoft Barcelona, while drawing comics in his spare time. He contributed to Mister K (Ediciones El Jueves) and Metroncho, the supplement of the daily Metro in 2004. His series 'Días de Cómic' ran in Dolmen between 2005 and 2007.

He created 'Las Dibuclases del Maestro Picosso' for the children's magazine ¡Dibus! in 2007 and created a new album starring 'Hermi y Max' in the following year. He also revived 'Norbetito' for for Amaníaco and created 'Horario de Oficina' for the humor magazine Retranca.

Peregrina has been a contributor to the humorous magazine El Jueves since 2010 with his series 'Horario de Oficina' and 'Borbón y cuenta nueva'. He also has a weekly cartoon in Al Día, the supplement of Regió 7.

Borbon by Ricardo Peregrina
Borbón y cuenta nueva (El Jueves 1867, March 2013)

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