Un Relato de Mark Twain
Un Relato de Mark Twain (Intervalo, 1950)

Jorge Pérez del Castillo was born in Chile, but spent most of his life and career in Argentina. Born in Chillán into a family of Andalusian descent in 1923, he had various odd jobs until 1943. From that year, he published his first comics in the children's magazine El Cabrito, including 'La Sombra del Maestro' and 'La Nave de los Argonautas'.

He moved to Argentina in 1944, and found employment with the publishing house Columba. Among his early work were 'Las panteras de Argelia' (1945) and the Dickens adaptation 'The Bells' for El Tony. He remained active for the Columba publications El Tony and Intervalo throughout the 1940s and 1950s, sometimes in cooperation with his brother Arturo. He had stories printed in two books in the collection 'Álbumes de Intervalo' between 1953 and 1954: 'La Taza de té', 'Fantasio' and 'Magia Negra'.

Despues yo partiré
Despues yo partiré (1963)

He was also present in Dante Quinterno's magazine Patoruzito with the story 'Conjuración en Venecia'. By the 1960s, he had developed a more cartoony and experimental style, as can be seen in his serial 'Después yo partiré'. He also made color illustrations for encyclopedias like 'Enciclopedia Infantil Preceptor' on topics like literature, history, religion and mythology.

In 1969 Pérez Del Castillo traveled back to Chile, and remained in his home country for fourteen years. There, he worked for the ad agency Sousa Publicidad, and he made comic adaptations of classic stories for the children's magazine Mampato (1978-79). He also made the educational newspaper strips 'Si vengo con historias' (for La Segunda) and 'Apuntes de Chile' for El Mercurio. When he got back to Argentina in the 1980s, he worked with his brother on comic biographies on Pancho Villa and Amiliano Zapata.

Nazareno Cruz
Nazareno Cruz (Intervalo 745, 1959)

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