Dark Dominion, by Tim Perkins

Tim Perkins began work as a graphic designer in 1980, moving into the comic book and children's books industries in 1983. His early career in comics includes working for Marvel on titles like 'Transformers', 'Thundercats', 'The Real Ghost-Busters', and 'Dr. Who'. In the late 1980s he began working for 2000AD on such characters as 'Judge Dredd', 'Rogue Trooper', and 'Chopper', as well as producing the full art chores on several 'Future Shocks'. In 1991 He began working on 'Dreamstone' for UK based London Editions, part of the Egmont Group. The comic was based on characters from the successful UK animated TV show of the same name. In 1992 he created 'The Dinoswords', which saw print in Triffik, a UK based humour comic.

Transformers, by Tim Perkins

At DC comics, also in 1992, he worked on Warner Bros' 'Tiny Toons' and the 'Big Book of Death'. He returned to Marvel in 1993 working on such titles as 'Death's Head' and 'Motormouth versus Removal man'. It was also in 1993, when he began working in Manhattan for Defiant Comics, on such titles as 'Dark Dominion', 'War Dancer', 'Good Guys', and several other titles. In 1996 he began working for Tekno comics inking 'Phage Shadowdeath' written by UK comic writer-artist Bryan Talbot and pencilled by UK artist David Pugh. In 1997 he began working for Caliber Comics on a number of comics such as 'The Searchers', 'Deadworld' and 'Raven Chronicles'. During this period, he also worked for several UK children's titles.

Dark Crusade, by Tim Perkins

In 1999 Perkins left the comic business for pastures new in the form of Conceptual Art in the Theme Park Industry, as well as animation. He returned to comics for a while recently producing 'Thor Losers' and 'Sgt. Minor' for UK based magazine company Toontastic. He lectures at Blackburn College of Art & Design in the UK on Fantasy Art. He is Company Director of Wizards Keep Limited, which is the culmination of his many years of experience in the art industry.

Myth Adventures, Tim Perkins


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