Obvious Tactics, by David Pugh
Obvious Tactics

David Pugh is a Welsh comic book artist and writer, who attended Art College at Brighton and Kingston upon Thames. He began his career as an artist in the advertising industry, working for agencies like Brockie, Haslam and Allen in London and the Thomson Organization in Wales. He became a design consultant for Holiday World International and Oberland Holidays. He made his debut as a comic artist in 1977, when he drew the comic strip 'Looking Glass Library' in Thomson's weekly newspaper Merthyr Express. Another early creation was 'Captain Classified: Star Ranger' (1979-1981) for the weekly Glamorgan Star. His work was noted by Pat Mills, who invited him over at 2000 AD, where he started out drawing the barbarian fantasy series 'Sláine' in 1984. He restyled the character to its current rendition, and also graphically created the villain Elfric in the story cycles 'Time Killer' and 'Tomb of Terror'.

Slaine by David Pugh
Slaine (2000 AD #453)

Pugh eventually also landed jobs at Fleetway, where he worked on the comic based on the DIC animated TV series 'M.A.S.K.' with Peter Milligan (1986-1988). He also drew the comic 'Loner' for Fleetway's sci-fi weekly Wildcat in 1989, leaving it to Eric Bradbury when Wildcat merged with Eagle. In Eagle, he got the opportunity to draw the adventures of 'Dan Dare', who was created by Frank Hampson in 1950. He drew the strip in alternation with Keith Watson, and both artists modernized Hampson's classic science fiction to an updated 1990s rendition. He cooperated with fellow artist John Gillatt and writer Barrie Tomlinson on the 'Scorer' strip for The Daily Mirror in the 1990s. He returned to the comic when he did its colors and 3D computer effects from the mid to late 2000s.

In 1996, Pugh was hired by the American company Tekno Comix to work on the 6-issue limited series 'Neil Gaiman's Phage: Shadow Death' with writer Bryan Talbot and inker Tim Perkins in 1996. Pugh designed many spacecrafts for Games Workshop, and has serialized his graphic novel 'Warhammer 40,000 - Obvious Tactics' in Inferno! magazine. It was published in book format in the Black Library in 1997. He has also worked on comic books for the US publisher AC Comics ('Cape and Mask', 2003), and as an illustrator for adventure gamebooks starring Disney and Sega characters.

For many years, David Pugh has been active for charity projects. He is the founder of Bus Fare, a charity set up in 2011 to help migrant workers and refugees reunite with their families. He has been active in India, where he is working with Tibetan refugees in Dharamsala and helping a street children project in Rishikesh. Pugh is also a designer and computer graphics teacher with the LHA Charitable Trust, and has been writing travel/fiction stories inspired by his wanderings in India and Africa.

Shadowdeath by David Pugh
Shadow Death #3

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