Trigan Empire by Oliver Frey
The Trigan Empire (1976)

Oliver Frey was born in Switzerland, but has lived in the UK for many years. He studied film at the London School of Film Technique and began drawing comic strips to earn a living, working for Fleetway's picture libraries. After briefly running a film company in Switzerland, Frey returned to the UK and worked as a full-time comic strip artist and illustrator. He drew two of his favourite boyhood comic strips, 'The Trigan Empire' (1976-77) for Look and Learn and 'Dan Dare' (1982-83) for The Eagle. He co-founded Newsfield Publications with his brother, Franco, providing hundreds of covers and illustrations for their many gaming and horror magazines. In the late 1990s he was publishing director with Thalamus Publishing in Shropshire, which specialized in illustrated historical reference titles.

Besides mainstream comics, Frey has also worked on a variety of comics for the gay community, using the pen name Zack. He made drawings and comic stories like 'The Street' for sex magazine Him. The latter served as the inspiration for the BBC television series 'Queer as Folk'. Several book collections of Zack's artwork have been published, such as 'Bikeboy', 'Bikeboy Rides Again' and 'Hot for Boys'.

Bikeboy by Zack

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