Slaine, by Massimo Belardinelli

Massimo Belardinelli started his career as a painter of backgrounds for animated cartoons in the Rosi Studio in Rome. When the studios took over the artwork of the 'Steel Claw' comic in the British comic Valiant from Jésus Blasco, Belardinelli was assigned to do the backgrounds. After a year, he was succeeded by Carlos Cruz. Belardinelli then went on to do the inking of the erotic comics the studios produced: 'Messalina' and 'Jacula'. Together with Cambiotti, he moved to the Giolitti studios in Rome in 1969, where he remained until 1993. Through this studios, he drew war stories for the British Fleetway and did inking chores on 'Phantom' strips for Flli Spada.

Ace Trucking Co. by Massimo Belardinelli
ACE Trucking Co. (1982)

In 1977, Belardinelli was assigned to draw a revamped version of the classic hero 'Dan Dare' for 2000AD. This version was cancelled after two years, but Belardinelli continued to draw for 2000AD, illustrating among others 'ACE Trucking Co.', 'Moonrunners' and 'Blackhawk' as well as 'The Dead', 'Flesh' and 'Inferno'. He also did some of the early 'Slaine' stories.

Slaine, by Massimo Belardinelli

In the 1980s and early 1990s Belardinelli continued to work for Fleetway, but his main job was to work in another studio for an important project which failed after many years of work by several artists: a sort of Disneyland in Bangkok. Massimo Belardinelli spent his final years living outside Rome and painting watercolour landscapes.

ACE Trucking Co, by Massimo Belardinelli

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