L'Autobus Vide, by Petillot (Francs-Jeux)
L'Autobus Vide (Francs-Jeux)

Loÿs Pétillot started his comics career at the same time as the famous publisher Georges Dargaud. For this publisher, and along with the scenarist René-Paul Groffe, he started the series 'Bob et Bobette' (not to be mistaken for the French version of Vandersteen's 'Suske en Wiske'!). From 1945, 'Bob et Bobette' appeared in albums and as a periodical.

Radarius, by Loys Petillot, by Loys Petillot
Radarius, by Loÿs Pétillot

The series was created in a classical style, with the text underneath the images. Pétillot started working with word balloons in 1949, when he started 'Le Chemin de la Gloire' in Le Journal des Pieds Nickelés. He continued this line of work in Fillette, La Semaine de Suzette, Francs-Jeux and O.K.

cover for Bernadettet, by Loys Petillot
cover for Bernadette (14 November 1952)

In the 1950s Pétillot joined the Catholic publisher Bonne Presse, where he started drawing the "current affairs cartoon" for Le Pèlerin, as well as the illustrated novel 'Feux sur la Sierra' in Bernadette. At the same time he created numerous comics for the publisher's other magazine, Bayard.

Ivan des Valdai, by Loys Petillot
Ivan des Valdaï, by Loÿs Pétillot

These were mostly based on religious themes, like 'Vie de Jésus' and 'L'Abbé Pierre', but he also created adventure stories, like 'Le Chevalier Inconnu', 'Bill Jourdin' and 'Ivan des Valdaï' (with Jean Acquaviva). In this magazine, he also started the series 'Pascal et Michèle Montfort' in 1960. When the publication of Bayard was cancelled, Pétillot transferred this series to Record.

Pamcoq by Loys Petillot

Between 1955 and 1957 Pétillot was involved in Pamcoq, an obscure advertising magazine of a clothing brand (Conchon-Quinette) of Clermont-Ferrand (Puy de Dôme - France). For issues 2 till 10, Pétillot illustrated 'Les Aventures de Pamcoq'. Later installments were drawn by Jean-René Le Moing.

In the final years of his life, Pétillot focused mainly on illustrating, which he did under his first name, Loÿs.

Loys Petillot comic advertisement strip for Bernadette (1952)
Loÿs Petillot advertising strip for Bernadette (1952)

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