Aux temps des Mousquetaires by JR Le Moing
Aux temps des Mousquetaires

Jean-René Le Moing was a Parisian comic artist and advertising illustrator, who was mainly active between 1952 and 1972. He made his debut in the pages of Expres Illustré with the comical stories 'Le Chevalier Emerik' and 'Peter Pat'. Between 1952 and 1963 he illustrated several short comic stories, text stories and game pages for Coeurs Vaillants/Ames Vaillantes. He also drew three installments in the historical series 'Les Belles Histoires de l'Oncle Paul' for Spirou magazine in 1955-1956.

Pistolin story by JR Le Monig
Le vrai d'Artagnan (Pistolin 49, 1957)

Nicknamed Bulbul, he joined forces with René Goscinny, Jean-Michel Charlier and Albert Uderzo at their publishing label Edifrance/Edipresse in 1956. During this period, he was a lay-out artist and illustrator for Pistolin magazine, for which he also illustrated seven stories in the series 'Les Grands Noms de l'Histoire de France' written by Charlier. He was also one of the original co-workers of the team's new magazine Pilote in 1959. Between 1955 and 1957 Le Moing continued Loÿs Pétillot's series ''Les Aventures de Pamcoq' in Pamcocq, an obscure advertising magazine issued by the clothing brand Conchon-Quinette in Clermont-Ferrand. 

View Master ad by JR Le Moing

He worked as a commercial artist at the Atelier 63 alongside Gigi, Gaty and Poïvet from 1958. He drew advertising comics for Gondolo biscuits, which ran in Tintin and Le Journal de Mickey in the late 1950s, and furthermore illustrated advertorials for Citroën, Pierres Magiques construction toys, View Master, Melting Gum, Caran d'Ache in the 1960s. Among his advertising serials were 'Aux temps des Mousquetaires' for Reynolds pens (1961) and 'Les Enquêtes de Malatin et Whisky' for Mallat (1961). He created the mascot of the gum brand Malabar in 1969, and drew 198 pantomime comic strips with the character.

Malabar by JR Le Moing

Le Moing additionally assisted Lucien Nortier on 'Lynx Blanc' in Vaillant in 1962. He left Paris and his illustrations activities and settled in Bretagne (Brittany) in 1972. His final work were the illustrations for the book 'La Pèche en Mer Illustrée' by André Péjouan in 1993. He passed away in St. Malo on 6 June 2012.

Malatin by JR Le Moing

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