Alan Ford, by Paolo Piffarerio
Alan Ford 6 - Alex Barry non c'è più

The Milanese artist Paolo Piffarerio created his first comics for publisher Alberto Traini, such as 'Carioca' and 'Capitan Falco', while still at art school in Brera. It was followed three years later by the publication of 'Meazza e Ridolini' at Torelli publishers. By 1953 he focused on a career in animation, working in Gino and Roberto Gavioli's Gamma Film studios. He created several characters for the Italian advertising show 'Carosello', and also participated in the animated film 'La lunga calza verde'.

El Gringo by Paolo Piffarerio
El Gringo 4 - L'Incuba della Vendetta

He returned to comics in 1961, when he began an association with scriptwriter Max Bunker (Lucciano Secchi) and the new publisher Editoriale Corno. They created the 'Viva l'Italia' series (1961), followed by 'Atomik' (1962), 'Maschera Nera' (1963-65), 'El Gringo' (1965-68) and 'Milord' (1968). In 1968 the duo was present in the publisher's magazine Eurêka with numerous short stories and 'Fouché, un Uomo nella Rivoluzione', a comic about the French Revolution.

Grim, by Paolo Piffarerio

From 1976, Piffarerio was one of the artists of Max Bunker's humorous espionage series 'Alan Ford', after the departure of Magnus. He additionally contributed to the Mondadori collections 'La Storia d'Italia a Fumetti', 'La Storia de Roma' and 'La Storia dell'Oriente e dei Greci', edited by Enzo Biagi. He then made several comic adaptations of novels, comic biographies and short stories for Il Giornalino. In 2007, he made 'Un americano a Versailles' with Davide Castellazzi on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of 'Comandante Mark' for IF Edizioni. Paolo Piffarerio passed away in Milan on 30 June 2015, aged 90.

Ulisse by Paolo Piffarerio
Le avventure di Ulisse, with Claudio Nizzi (Edizioni Paoline, 1990)

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