Alan Ford, by Paolo Piffarerio
Alan Ford

The Milanese artist Paolo Piffarerio created his first comic, 'Capitan Falco', while still at art school, followed three years later by 'Meazza e Ridolini' at Torelli publishers. In 1953 he abandoned the comics field for a while to start a career in the animation and advertising fields, working in the studios of Gino and Roberto Gavioli. He returned to comics ten years later, when he began an association with scriptwriter Max Bunker (Lucciano Secchi) and took on the 'Viva l'Italia' series (1961) and the westerns 'Maschera Nera' (1963) and 'El Gringo' (1965). In 1968 he started a collaboration with Eurêka magazine, creating numerous short stories and 'Fouché, un Uomo nella Rivoluzione'.

In the mid-1970s he worked on the 'Alan Ford' series, a humorous espionage series, created by Magnus and Secchi. He contributed to the Mondadori series 'La Storia d'Italia a Fumetti', 'La Storia de Roma' and 'La Storia dell'Oriente e dei Greci', edited by Enzo Biagi. He then made several comic adaptations of novels, comic biographies and short stories for Il Giornalino.

Grim, by Paolo Piffarerio

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