Quina Trepa!, by Jordi Pineda Bono
Quina Trepa! (Cavall Fort #1, 1961)

Jordi Pineda Bono is an artist from Barcelona, Spain. In the 1960s and 1970s he created several characters for publisher Bruguera, such as 'Don Próspero', 'Ceferino el Pueblerino', 'Peladillo Sinblanca' and 'Bonifacio y Pedernal'. He was also present in the Catalan magazine Cavall Fort, with the comic 'Quina Trepa!', which had a very strong resemblance to Jean Roba's 'Boule et Bill'.

Ceferino by Pineda
Ceferino el Pueblerino (Pulgarcito #24, 1975)

In the 1990s he was affiliated with the Bardon studios, through which he illustrated several stories with Disney's 'Bucky Bug' for the Dutch Donald Duck weekly between 1994 and 1997. He draws the strip 'Rakker' for Penny magazine for Holco Publications in the Netherlands.

Tokkie Tor, by Pineda


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