L'Oie du Petit Leonard by Poleon

Louis Lempereur, also known as Poléon, began his career drawing the title comic for Le Petit Canard in June 1946. In the same period, he created the adventures of the Gaul 'Totorix' as a text comic with writer Jean Nohain. While 'Totorix' is completely forgotten today the comic still is notable for being the first attempt to create a comic strip about a Gaulish warrior, one decade before René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo created 'Astérix' (1959). Yet they weren't aware of 'Totorix' at the time.

La Famille Fanfare, by Poleon
La Famille Fanfare

Other creations for Le Petit Canard with Nohain include 'Les Aventures de M. Dimanche, de sa fille Capucine et du Monde Entier' (1947) and 'Les Aventures et les Inventions des Frères Georges' (1947-48). Lempereur was also an illustrator for Bonjour Dimanche, C'est la Vie and Le Populaire Dimanche up until the mid-1950s.

L'Oie du Petit Leonard by Poleon
L'Oie du Petit Léonard (Petit Canard, 1947)

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