L'Uomo di Pechino, by Renato Polese

The Roman comic artist Renato Polese began working in the comics field at the end of World War II. His earliest work was published in the Italian magazines Giramondo and Il Vittorioso. In 1954 he went to England, where he worked for several publishers (Fleetway, Hulton, IPC), applying several genres, from western to science fiction. Back in Italy, he started to work on 'La Storia del West' with Gino d'Antonio for Bonelli, and illustrated books in the collection 'Collana Rodeo'. He also illustrated series like 'Safari' in Il Vittorioso (script Claudio Nizzi) and 'Bella e Bronco').

Kumiak, by Renato Polese

In 1970, he began a long cooperation with Il Giornalino, while also continuing to work for the British Fleetway group. For Il Giornalino, he worked on many series until the early 1990s, including 'Babe Ford' (with Mario Basari), 'Pony Express' (with Gianni Caratelli), 'Mister Charade' (with Alfredo Castelli), 'Sheriff' (with Alberti), 'Angeli del West' (with Longi), 'Cheyenne' (with De Angelis), 'Susanna' (with D'Antonio) and a couple of Jules Verne adaptations. Again for Bonelli, Polese drew 'L'Uomo di Pechino' in the 'Un Uomo, un'Avventura' collection. Additionally, he collaborated on series like 'Ken Parker', 'Nick Raider' and 'Zagor'.

Bravo, by Renato Polese 1951

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