L'Uomo Zulu, by Gino d'Antonio

Gino d'Antonio started his professional career in 1947 with 'Jess Dakota' at Della Casa publishers. In 1950, he illustrated Mario Leone's 'Angeli della Strada'. Between 1951 and 1957, he was present at Il Vittorioso with 'Il Trasvolatore dell Api'. In 1952, he went to work on Mondadori's 'Pecos Bill' and 'Oklahoma' series. He was also present at Audace with some Bonelli scripted episodes of 'El Kid' and 'I Tre Bill'.

In 1955, he was employed at a graphic studio directed by Piero and Roy D'Ami, where he worked for the British market. D'Antonio illustrated comics for Junior Mirror, Junior Express, Top Shot, Thriller Picture Library ('Battler Britton'), Cowboy Picture Library ('Gun Rule'), Fleetway Super Library and War Picture Library. He also did covers for Eagle and Boys World, and drew adaptations for traditional literature for Tell me Why and World of Wonder.

Susanna by Gino d'Antonio
Susanna (Il Giornalino, #37, 27/9/1979)

In 1967, he created 'Il Storia del West' for the publisher Sergio Bonelli. D'Antonio worked on this series until 1980, working together with artists like Renzo Calegari, Sergio Tarquinio and Renato Polese. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, d'Antonio cooperated on 'La Avventure di Pace e di Guerra' in Il Corriere dei Piccoli and with the magazine Supergulp. From 1970, he was present in Il Giornalinio with series like 'Jim Lacy' (scripts by Alberto Ongaro), and 'Susanna' (artwork in cooperation with Renato Polese and Ferdinando Tacconi). He was a productive contributor to the series 'Un Uomo, un'Avventura', for which he provided artwork ('L'Uomo di Zululand', 'L'Uomo di Iwo Jima') and scripts illustrated by Tacconi ('L'Uomo del Deserto', 'L'Uomo di Rangoon') and Polese ('L'Uomo di Pechino').

Susanna, by Gino d'Antonio (Il Giornalino, 1986)

In addition, d'Antonio wrote and drew all the episodes of the war series 'Il Mercenario' and contributed 'Calamity Jane' and 'Les Indiens du Pacifique' to the collection L'Histoire du Far West en Bandes Dessinées of the French publishing house Larousse. In 1984, he created 'Bella e Bronco' for Bonelli publishers. Two years later, he created 'Mac lo Straniero' in Orient Express, again in cooperation with Tacconi. In 1987, he became responsible for the comics section of Il Giornalino, an occupation which he held until 1992. In 1999, he was reassociated with Bonelli, when he joined the writing team of the series 'Julia'. Gino d'Antonio has received several prizes for his scriptwriting and the series 'Il Storia del West'.

Gino d'Antonio was 79 when he died on 24 December 2006.

comic art by Gino d'Antoniocomic art by Gino d'Antonio

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