Gavaliere dell'Aria, by Ferdinando Tacconi (Il Giornalino, 1986)

Ferdinando Tacconi got his degree in Applied Arts from Castello Sforzesco. He started to pursue his artistic career after World War II, starting with illustration work for Mondadori's women's magazines Confidenze de Liala and Grazzia. He made his first comics for the publisher Paschal Giurleo, such as 'Morgan il Pirata', 'Jack Pilota', 'Miss Devil' and 'Sciuscià'. He then moved on to Torelli, where he created 'Nat del Santa Cruz' with Dalmasso in 1951, followed by 'El Bravo' with Bignotti.

comic art by Ferdinando Tacconi

In the mid-1950s, he began producing artwork for the British market through the studios of Roy d'Ami. His most notable British work was 'Jet Morgan', based on a famous radio show. He began a life long friendship with the show's creator and the strip's writer, Charles Chilton, and was eventually succeeded on the strip by Bruce Cornwell. He also drew 'Jeff Hawke' in Junior Express', 'Riders of the Range' in Eagle and various works for Fleetway, including contributions to Comet, Top Spot, Buster, War Picture Library, Air Ace Picture Library, Battle Picture Library, Thriller Picture Library and Fleetway Super Library. Tacconi also produced covers for romance titles.

Gli Aristocrati, by Ferdinando Tacconi

Back in Italy in the late 1960s, Tacconi started working for Il Corriere dei Piccoi and the publisher Barbieri. For the latter, he created the controversial sexy strip 'Isabella'. In 1973, he created his best known series with Alfredo Castelli, 'Gli Aristocratici', in Il Corriere dei Ragazzi. The series, loosely based on the film 'Sette Uomini d'Oro', appeared in the Corriere until 1976, and was then produced directly for the German magazine Zack until 1982.

comic art by Ferdinando Tacconi

In addition, Tacconi contributed to the Larousse collections 'L'Histoire de France' and 'L'Histoire du Far West', and illustrated two albums in Bonelli's 'Un Uomo un'Avventura' with scripts by Gino d'Antonio. Also with d'Antonio, Tacconi made several stories about World War II in Il Giornalino. Tacconi became a staff artist on Bonelli's 'Dylan Dog' comic since 1990.

Ferdinando Tacconi was a strong influence on Ian Kennedy.

Gentlemen, by Ferdinando Tacconi

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