Grotesque by Sergio Ponchione

Born in Asti, Sergio Ponchione graduated from the Art Institute in 1994, after which he went to work as an illustrator for local publishers as well as the literary magazine Maltese. His drew his first comics for the magazine Uscita di Sicurezza. He then began a collaboration with Gino Vercelli and joined Bonelli publishers. He started out inking Vercelli's work for the magazine Zona X, before becoming an artist of the series 'Jonathan Steele'. Initially inking pencils by Vercelli and Antonio Amodio, he was one of the series pencillers until 2006.

Jonathan Steele, by Sergio Ponchione
Jonathan Steele

Ponchione has published his more avant-garde work with Coconino Press, such as 'L'Obliquomo' and the 'Grotesque' series. These works have also been published in France, Spain, Latin America, and by Fantagraphics in the USA.

Grotesque by Sergio PonchioneGrotesque by Sergio Ponchione

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