X-Thieves by Mark Propst
X-Thieves #9, a Comics Interview Publication (Fictioneer Books, 1988)

Mark Propst began his comic book career in the early 1980s drawing for the Guild Comics title 'Crusaders' and its follow-up 'The Southern Knights'. He was present at AC Comics in the mid 1980s as an artist on 'Femfoce', 'Priority: White Heat' and 'Employers Ltd.'. He was co-creator fo 'Aristocratic X-Traterestrial Time-Traveling Thieves' at Ficioneer Books, the company for which he also continued 'The Southern Knights'. In the 1990s he drew 'The League of Champions' at Heroic Comics and he was an inker on DC's 'Justice League of America', 'Justice Society of America' and 'Atom'.

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