Arístides Pumariega

Arístides Pumariega is one of the most remarkable Cuban cartoonists, who signs with Aristide. He is also a journalist, writer, illustrator and painter. He has published his work in many magazines, such as Bohemia. Aristide is the creator of 'Subdesarrollo Perez', one of the revolution's most noted characters. The character's observations of society and his critical look at government's failures led to the artist's dismissal from assignments, and placement in a work camp for two years.

Aristide is also the author of books like 'Castro: The Last Dinosaur' and 'Mitos de la popularidad. Chano Pozo' (with Josefina Rodríguez, Editorial Pablo de la Torriente, 1994). He had been living in exile in Colombia for many years, where he took refuge from the government of his native island.

Chano Pozo by Aristide

Historietas Cubanas

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