Les Petits Ruisseaux by Pascal Rabate
Les Petits Ruisseaux

Pascal Rabaté is one of the main representatives of French contemporary comics, best known for his Tolstoy adaptation 'Ibicus'. Born in Tours, he didn't start his professional career in comics and illustration before he was 28 years old. After 'Chrétiens Dans le Diocèse de Saint-Étienne' (Fleurus, 1989), he published three books with Futuropolis, 'Exode' (1989), 'Les Amants de Lucie' (1989) and 'Vacances, Vacances' (1990).

In 1991, he created 'À Table' at Week-End Doux and 'Signé Raoul' at Éditions Rackham. In the following year Rabaté began his trilogy 'Les Pieds Dedans' at Vents d'Ouest. At the same time, Rabaté contributed the story 'Les Cerisiers' to the collection Patte de Mouche. In 1994, he created 'Ex Voto/Monsieur Verbun' with Angelo Zamparutti, and in 1996 started 'Dans les Vignes du Seigneur' in Gotham, which was renamed 'Un Ver Dans le Fruit' for the book publication.

comic art by Pascal Rabaté

Between 1998 and 2001 he made the critically acclaimed series 'Ibicus', an adaptation of the Tolstoi novel, for Vents d'Ouest. Rabaté teamed up with Zamparutti again to create 'Un Temps de Toussaint' at Amok. Following a trip through South Africa, he produced 'Bienvenue à Jobourg', a comic album published by Le Seuil. In 2006 he was back at Futuropolis with the awardwinning comic 'Les Petits Ruisseaux'.

As a scriptwriter, Rabaté has worked with artists like David Prudhomme ('Jacques a dit', 'Le Jeu du Foulard', 'La Marie en Plastique'), Virginie Broquet ('Les Yeux dans le Bouillon') and Bibeur Lu ('Tartine de Courants d'Air').

He made a graphic contribution to the book 'Françaises, Français, Belges, Belges, Lecteur Chéri, Mon Amour' (Jungle!, 2005), in which comic artists illustrated short stories by comedian Pierre Desproges. 

Pascal Rabaté was a strong graphic influence on Flix

comic art by Pascal Rabaté

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