Le Vent dans les Saules, by Michel Plessix
The Wind in the Willows

Michel Plessix is a comic artist from Britton, who is best known for his series 'Julien Boisvert' and his 'Wind in the Willows' adaptations. Born in Saint-Malo, Plessix studied both medicine and art, and in the meantime worked as an ambulance driver and cook. He spent most of his spare time at the comics atelier of Jean-Claude Fournier however, where he met Jean-Luc Hiettre and Emmanuel Lepage. It was with Hiettre that he created his first stories starring the character 'Mark Jones'. They were published in the local paper Frilouz, and were collected in book format under Lucien Souny's label in 1987.

La Déesse aux Jeux de Jade by Michel Plessix
La Déesse aux Yeux de Jade

Plessix contributed to fanzines like Dommage and some collective projects in the mid 1980s, and assisted artists like Yves Magne on 'Défi dans l'Atlantique' and Malo Louarn on 'Rona'. It was in 1987 made his debut as a professional comic artist in his own right, when 'La Déesse aux Yeux de Jade', the first and only album in the series 'Ed et Benjamin', was published by Milan. It was his first published collaboration with Dieter.

Julien Boisvert, by Michel Plessix
Julien Boisvert

Over time, Plessix' drawings became more realistic, so Plessix and Dieter decided on a change of scenery and characters. In 1989, they started the psychological adventure series 'Julien Boisvert' for Delcourt. This critically acclaimed series ended after four episodes in 1995, when Plessix and Dieter decided the psychological development of their globetrotting adventurer was concluded.

Julien Boisvert by Michel Plessix
Julien Boisvert

On year after completing his 'Julien Boisvert' cycle, Plessix returned to a younger audience with his internationally acclaimed comic adaptation of the Kenneth Grahame novel 'The Wind in the Willows'. Delcourt published four books of the poetic 'Le Vent dans les Saules', a project for which Plessix picked up scriptwriting again and developed a new style of coloring. The book series has been translated in thirteen languages.

Le Vents dans les Sables by Michel Plessix
Le Vents dans les Sables

Plessix additionally wrote 'Les Forell' for artist Bruno Bazile and participated in an hommage to Will and a collective book about La Fontaine, before starting a next cycle based on Grahame's book. The first book of 'Le Vent das les Sables' ('The Wind in the Desert') was published in 2005.

Wind in the Willows by Michel Plessix
Wind in the Willows

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