The Englishman in Canada, by Arthur Racey

Arthur George Racey was born in the city of Québec and attended the McGill University in Montréal. He specialized in caricatures, and published his first works in the Montreal Witness. In 1893-94, Racey published 'The Englishman in Canada', a series of humorous drawings featuring text balloons in The Montreal Star. In 1895-96 he cooperated on Le Canard, the magazine of Hector Berthelot, making several caricatures starring 'Le Père Ladébauche'. He was also a political cartoonist in The Globe. In the early 20th century, he contributed to the humorous magazine of Toronto, The Moon. Upon the death of Henri Julien in 1908, Racey became the leading cartoonist in the Montreal Star and remained in this position for the rest of his career. Starting in 1927, Racey made a promotional comic strip for the Dawes brewery, called 'T'a'Pas?', that appeared in many weeklies and papers from Quebec.

T'a' Pas?, by Arthur Racey

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