from Mormoil, by Jacques Rampal
Comic strip by Jacques Rampal, from Mormoil. Translation: "Georges! I invite you and your wife at my home tomorrow evening... to have an orgy!" - "An orgy?!? Great!!! How many will be there?" - "Well, three, your wife included." 

Jacques Rampal is a famous French playwright, who began his career as a cartoonist with Pilote magazine in the 1970s. He drew for political magazines like L'Évenement du Jeudi. For his own comic magazine Mormoil, he made strips and wrote scripts for artists like Jean-Claude Morchoisne, Lucques and Jean Mulatier. Between 1969 and 1980 he made several humour albums, and then several books with Morchoisne, such as 'Drôle d'état', 'Le Tonton Profond', 'Les Trognons', etc. most of them in cooperation with Morchoisne. He is active as a playwright since 1985, and among his productions are 'Esmeralda', 'Le Galant sanguinaire' and 'Diogène le cynique'. He passed away in late 2015, at the age of 71.

Rampal made a graphic contribution to Marion Vidal's 'Monsieur Schulz et ses Peanuts’ (Albin Michel, 1976), an essay about Charles M. Schulz’ 'Peanuts’, illustrated with subversive parodies of the comic, that Schulz unsuccessfully tried to sue.

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