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From: BB #128

Jean Rapsomanikis was a French-Greek caricaturist and painter, who has become especially known as a pioneer of Spanish comics. He has also worked under pen names like Rapsos and Dasley.

Ioannis (Jean) Rapsomanikis was born on Corfu, Greece, in 1885. His father was a Greek from a noble family of Corfu (Kerkyra), and his mother was French. Jean had studied Beaux Arts in Paris, France, and went to Athens, Greece, in 1911. There he worked as a caricaturist for newspapers, signing with "Rapsos". In 1915 he emigrated to Barcelona where he became one of the groundbreaking artists experimenting with comic art. He was one of the early artists of the long-running comics magazine TBO, which was published in Barcelona from 1917 to 1998. The publisher, Editorial Buigas, also edited BB, the first Spanish girls' magazine, which contained cartoons, stories, jokes, patterns, paper toys and cut-out dolls. Rapsomankis was also present in this publications, alongside authors like Nit, Ricard Opisso and Manuel Urda.

Caricatures for Athens newspapers of journalist/poet Achilles Neis, classical scholar Georgios Mistriotis (1840-1916) and actor Telemachus Lepeniotis (1877-1945)

During the 1920s he was active for El Hogar y la Moda and its comics supplement Ri-Ki-Ki-Ki, published by the Sociedad General de Publicaciones (SGP). With Josep Robert Picariu and Arturo Moreno, he was also one of the main cartoonists of another SGP magazine, Algo. Artwork by Rapsomanikis additionally appeared in publications like Almanaque Tom Mix (El Gato Negro, 1927), Almanaque Tom Tyler, Lecturas and Novelas de Bolsillo. He was furthermore active as a landscape and portrait painter, and worked as an illustrator for publishers like Araluce and Juventud, as well as the collection 'El Cuento Rosa'. His work has been exhibited in both individual and group shows, and the artist also obtained several distinctions during contests in Barcelona, Marseille, Paris and Athens.

Rapsomanikis fled Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and settled in San Sebastian. There, he drew stories like 'Ojo de Lince' for the magazine Pelayos, shortly before passing away in 1937.

Almanaque Tom MixAlgo cover by Jean Rapsomanikis

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