Blondie, by Jim Raymond

Jim Raymond was Alex Raymond's brother and Chic Young's longtime assistant on the 'Blondie' strip. Raymond was born in New Rochelle, New York, and his first cartoons were published in his high school newspaper. He replaced his brother as an assistant on the 'Blondie' strip in 1935. Raymond played a major role in the artwork of 'Blondie'. Around 1944, he briefly also assisted his brother on 'Jungle Jim'. In 1950 Raymond permanently became the lead artist of 'Blondie' due to Chic Young's diminishing eyesight, and began to develop the distinctive style that the strip uses to this day. After Young's death in 1973, Jim Raymond continued the strip together with Dean Young, Chic Young's son. He worked on the strip until his death late 1981, and it was continued by Raymond's own assistant Mike Gersher and later Stan Drake and Denis Lebrun.

Blondie by Jim Raymond

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