Meister Lapp und sein Lehrjunge Pips, by Carl Reinhardt

Carl Reinhardt was a 19th century German painter, caricaturist, and illustrator born in Leipzig. He has lived and worked in Hamburg, Munich, Dresden and Leipzig. One of the most successful and creative comical draughtsmen of his time, he was best known for his caricatures for magazines and his animal illustrations for children's books. He cooperated with among others the Gartenlaube and the Illustrierten Zeitung from Leipzig.

Reinhardt was a frequent contributor to the Fliegende Blätter, the pioneering German comic magazine which also published the work of Lothar Meggendorfer and Wilhelm Busch. Reinhardt's story 'Meister Lapp und sein Lehrjunge Pips' was published in the Blätter in 1848, but it remained incomplete. A complete version of the comic was published in the 1851 book publication by Braun & Schneider, called 'Schneider Lapp und sein Lehrjunge Pips'. This same comic strip appeared in the French magazine La Revue Comique in 1849 under the title 'Les Aventures Divertissantes et Non Politiques de Maître Lapp et de son Apprenti Pipps', plagiarized by unknown artist who almost certainly was Nadar.

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