Ezekiel Wolf, by Ted Richard (1975)
'Ezekiel Wolf'. 

Ted Richards studied at the San Francisco State University, where he graduated in 1977, majoring in Creative Writing. Before his university years, he was involved with the underground comic 'Air Pirates', which featured adult versions of Walt Disney stories (and got in trouble with Disney for copyright reasons). In 1976, he came up with 'The Forty Year Old Hippie', which appeared as a syndicated feature in numerous small, alternative tabloids, and college student newspapers.

Dopin' Dan, by Ted Richards 1972Forty Year Old Hippie, by Ted Richards
'Dopin' Dan' and 'The Whole Forty Year Old Hippie Catalog'. 

Rip Off Press released two collections of this comic. For a period of ten years, Ted Richards was a full time comic artist, creating several titles such as 'E.Z. Wolf', 'Mellow Cat' and 'Dopin' Dan'. Then he made a career change and went into computers, eventually becoming an acclaimed web designer.

Forty Year Old Hippie, by Ted Richards
'The Forty Year Old Hippie'. 


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