Captain Horn, by Robba (Robert Bagage)

Robert Bagage began his career as a sports illustrator. He debuted in comics with 'Gil Rex' in Coeurs Vaillants in 1941. During the following year, he joined the publishing house S.A.G.E. and he began drawing the series 'Yvon et Toni' for Jumbo magazine. From 1943, he worked as an illustrator for Pic et Nic and Cendrillon. He also made some short stories under the signature Rovic. Bagage met Marcel Navarro (future co-founder of Lug publishers) and Pierre Mouchot (publisher of 'Fantax'). These three men became the key figures in the "small format" publishing phenomenon of the 1950s and 1960s. Shortly after the War, Bagage and Navarro made four episodes of the 'Secret Agent Z 302' strip for Éditions Sprint in Lyon.

In 1946, Bagage founded his own publishing company, the Éditions du Siècle, which were renamed to Impéria in 1951. Based in Lyon, Impéria published a variety of adventure titles, such as 'Tom-X', 'Radar', 'Targa', 'Garry' and 'Youpi', filled with Italian and Spanish material, but also with original work by French artists like Bob Vinell, Félix Molinari, Bob Roc, Georges Estève, Raoul Auger, André Rey and Bagage himself (Bagage drew most of the 'Tom-X' stories). In 1949, Bagage launched 'Super Boy', one of the first pocket-sized comic books in France. The lead stories were drawn by Felix Molinari and written by Bagage. From the 1950s to the folding of the publishing house in 1986, many new titles followed: 'Buck Jonn', 'Kit Carson', 'Tex Tone', 'Oliver', 'Jim Canada', 'Battler Britton', 'X 13', 'Rapaces' and 'Panache'. Bagage then lived in retirement until passing away in October 2003.

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