Kit Carson by Andre Rey
Kit Carson

André Rey was born in Oyannax, Ain. An avid comics reader, he couldn't get an artistic education due to World War II. Nevertheless, he began his career in 1946, making humorous drawing for the Lyon paper Paris-Monde Illustré, which he singed with Juanz. Also in Lyon, he contributed to the magazines Les Trois Couleurs ('Le Détective Lafrousse') and Sprint Junior (the western 'Vengeur' and the cycling story 'Cogneur'). Rey began a collaboration with Marcel Navarro and the publishing house Lug, and illustrated several episodes of the comic book 'Brik le Corsaire'.

In the early 1950s Rey was affiliated with the Atelier Chott, where he worked on serials like 'Cap'tain Paf', 'Tornado' and 'Big Bill le Casseur'. In 1950 he also began a longtime collaboration Robert Bagage's publishing house Impéria, where he started drawing 'Targa' in alternation with Félix Molinari, using the pseudonym Carland. He additionally wrote various articles for Imperia, and was part of the team of artists that created new stories with 'Buck John' and 'Kit Carson' in the 1960s. Other members of the team were Claude Bordet, Yves Mondet and Robert Leguay.

Rey has also worked as an advertising artist in Clermont-Ferrand, and was also a contributor to the magazine La Montagne. Since the 1970s, Rey has mainly worked for American greeting card companies like Buzza Co and American Greeting Company. He eventually settled in Cleveland, Ohio in 1982. He retired in 1993 and returned to France.

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